Highlands Welding Repair Inc.
We are a company that cares about their customer and we always aim for the best of them. the company was founded originally for marine work and they soon realized that a lot of customer wanted more them just marine, so we decided to expand in to the commercial and residential industry. we are now leading in the residential and commercial world, customer are always happy with the final product. so let us show you on why we should be your guys to do the job and get it done fast and with high quality. we also offer warranty most others don't you just get what you paid for and the product then goodbye. Not over with us we give the most satisfaction and productivity, we also stay in touch with our customer down the road to see if their work is still in great shape. that's why we are number #1 among others. give us a call for a free no obligation quote/estimate of your project.

Contact Information
Email : estebanr@hwrinc.com
Phone : 2062830080
Address :
2001 W Garfield ST
WA - 98119